I Don’t Belong to You But Thank You for Your Concern

Truths are revealed in the light while darkness can cloud judgment.

Some of us lie for a living. And others are more comfortable lying on our backs.

But when someone betrays your trust, their true nature is revealed. These revelations are disheartening to learn. Having a bigger bitch call you fat will have you reaching for a smack. But you will realize that they were never on your side.

They pick and they pick. Resentments fill up like Easter baskets. Spewing hate like there is nothing else worth saying. Nosiness masquerading as concern. Bullshit piling up like Trump’s lies. You don’t have to be The New York Times of the New Age to see what’s happening.

Staying “woke,” without remaining financially and emotionally broke. You don’t need a doctorate to know when a motherfucker is out to get you. Cowards rely on compliments and insults to tear you down.

I see through your fake ass. Don’t bother me. You don’t have to call I’m not asking for your judgment. Don’t invite me into your world, pretending you care, using me as your legs. I can feel your negativity—your emotional abuse. And It does negate your good intentions.

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