What It’s Like Discovering New Wines and Having Great Sex?

I binged on bottles of red wine like my last days were upon these dry lands. To me, wine is a food group fulfilling me with energy and ideas. My favorite activity is to carefully select a bottle from my favorite super store: Trader Joes. Then rush over to my boyfriend’s house and share my discovery.
We sat and sipped and exchanged opinions. He made a vegetarian pasta dish to pair with it.
We settled on a movie—one I always picked because I have the patience and taste to pick something good. He would clear the plates and we would make love often during the movie. I would get on top, riding him like a Mercedes S-class—sexy and sturdy.
I rolled over on my stomach and let him work on his crunches, gliding inside me back and fourth—the deeper he gets the more excited I get until I nearly fall off my side of the bed.
Pure ecstasy.
I took a sip of wine and slipped in the shower to rinse off the lube and cum. I have an ass fetish, constantly cleaning lube and checking for odors.
Is it wrong the I crave a fresh experience every time we have sex?
There are times when I arrive and he’s horny. I stay ready. I’m usually showered and lubed up like that Mercedes S-class hours before showing up.
But back to the wine. I even have a book, which I abandoned once I discovered that you can scan bottles and read reviews with an app. It’s like my new best friend. Romance bottled up as red grapes with multiple dates.
I went to a Spanish wine tasting at a wine boutique on 14th street in DC. She was as dry as her wine selections and not in a good way.
This white girl pointed to wrinkled paper signs like it had all the pertinent information. No tidbits—no joy. So I left. But I’m not going to let a bitch like that spoil it for me.
Finding new wines and having great sex is both fun and fabulous.

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