Portrait of a Bottom in the Age of Silicone

Plastic surgery opened more doors for flat booty boys than bars. We live in a society where people are dying from illegal butt injections. How did this come to fruition? Popularity spurred on the back sides of transgenders, strippers, and sex workers. And with the appropriation of black culture in America, it’s as ubiquitous as rap music.


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Photo:  Albert Hicks

Plump posteriors and curvaceous curves are now in vogue. For those who can’t afford the look, acquire it through the black market. But you get what you pay for, resulting in a botched booty pumped up on silicone, leaving behind boils, polyps, and skin discoloration.

You could actually die from this.

So why is it worth risking your health to look hot?

In an environment where image is everything, people suffering from low self-esteem bet it all. They hope it works out.  But wanting to have it all like Adele, will have you rolling in some deep shit.

This is a cautionary tale of an acquaintance who was addicted to plastic surgery. Let’s call him Andy. He received butt injections in Brooklyn from the local transsexual. She was a “doctor” by day and dancer by night. As any good doctor should, she stop administering treatment after the third pump of silicone.

Like any junkie, Andy was hooked and didn’t know when to stop. He traveled to Atlanta with his behind in tow, searching for anyone to poke him with silicone. He found some girls on the stroll, who offered some friendly advice for the right price.

“Girls, y’all know where I can get some sil?”

Four injections later, he was bloated. I didn’t understand why he wanted a whole bed, bath and beyond back there. He came back to the city with two new sets of cheeks. Perhaps, he wanted his face to match his ass? It was like a Black Friday sale. It was appropriate to buy a necklace to go with the earrings. I didn’t think that logic applied here.

Andy delineated from a childhood colored with abuse. A poverty stricken environment laid the foundation for the blimp he called an ass. He looked for men to enhance his low self-esteem. His flat ass laid down like the foundation:  an easy lay. As he got older, the men were no longer interested in him. He thought of having a behind the size of a globe, would increase his sex life.

Andy started participating in sex parties, where some men went to undisclosed locations, in seedy neighborhoods, for some man on man action. Typically, you have to check your clothes at the door after you paid your 15 dollars.

My friend Chris ran into John recently. “I caught him getting pounded on the couch while doing crystal meth,” he said. “I can’t with these get high girls.”



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