Missing: Last Seen On Facebook

In the digital age, a day consisted of snaps, likes, and tweets. Should you be surprised when a man chose to block, unfriend or unfollow as an exit strategy? They call it ghosting when the person who’s no longer that into you disappear like a missing intern. 
He unfriended me on Facebook. He dumped me in such a modern way.
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Ray and I dated for six months. Our romance blossomed after Hurricane Sandy made the City That Never Sleeps—sleep for a week. Storms broke people apart but somehow it brought a couple together. 

We met at a nightclub called Secrets. He bought me a drink and charmed his way into my heart. It was an instant connection filled with happy hours, dinners, and late night clubbing. He was a promoter and I enjoyed living in the limelight. 
But something was brewing all along.
Not even Mother Nature could handle the force of our superstorm. Shouting matches, drink throwing and make-up sex read as highlights of the week. In love and out of control equipped with a pair of drinking problems created a larger one. 
To think that things couldn’t get worse. The negativity from his friends and family strained our relationship. It culminated to his grandmother calling me a “Gigolo.” “If I see that gigolo in the house, I’m going to call the cops!She said in a thick Jamaican accent. 
Oh no, she didn’t! A gigolo? I would have rather been called a high-class hooker with a heart of gold. No, I was reduced to the lowest form of prostitute.
But I still believed like Mariah Carey with a glass of splash. I considered those moments in the club setbacks. We were in love.
The more I pushed, the more he avoided me. We no longer hung out. Our communication devolved to texts, emails, and Facebook. I had a better relationship with my bartender.
So when I turned on the computer that day and noticed that he didn’t post anything. I searched for his name as my heart raced. We were no longer Facebook friends much less boyfriends. 
I searched for a lesson to lessen the pain. If he loved me, he would have dumped me in person.

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A breakup shouldn’t end with an email, unfollow or a missing person’s report.

Walter Reed is a writer, blogger, sexpert, sex columnist and gay dating advice guru. His work has been published in Washington Post, Huffington Post and here at LoveWalter.com Please like, comment and share.

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