He Likes to Scream, Shout and Have Sex on the Down Low

Dear Walter:

I only fuck around with dl guys. We dated for almost a year and I broke up with him. When we got back together all he wanted was sex. A complete asshole! One night he screamed at me, flipped out for no reason. Then he broke up with me. What should I do?

-Anonymous 27-year-old
Dear Anonymous 27-year-old,
I used to have a monthly diet of DL men in my 20s. They caused me nothing but trouble. Sneaking around, never knowing when to call or hang out. Dealing with girlfriends, baby mamas, and wives drained me. I had to purge and repent.
He sounds like the type that only wants head with the condom on, while his backpack is sitting in the corner. He thinks he’s spending the night—not happening. He’s likely using you for sex and judging from my intuition, he isn’t even that great in bed.
A scream can turn into a slap real quick. No one wants to be slapped.
Leave that man alone.

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