A Blast of the Bipolar Disorder Disoriented Brunch

The New York brunch–filled with bacon, booze, and a bipolar disorder left me starving in my relationship.
In most of the country, people go to church on Sundays. While most New Yorkers searched for religion on the dance floor on Saturday nights.
On Sundays, we brunch.
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When you’re in a relationship you have to experience it with your boyfriend and his freeloading friends. Ray and I have been dating for months. If we were an ice-cream flavor, we would be Rocky Road.

After a night of neglect, I arrived 30 minutes late in a Rick Owens gown. Everyone was late. Ray smiled at me as I approach the table. Today will be a good day. Or, so I thought.

His friend from Boston was there cursing and causing a scene. No surprise there. He’s crazy, bipolar and insecure. He craved attention no matter the cost–our dignity unspared. Marcus stood on his stool in the middle of the restaurant like a five-year-old. The bitch is more like 35. Ray catered to his every need. Marcus was trying to replace me all weekend.

He needed to take her ass back to Boston, and stay there until the next Boston tea party.
Security approached our table like we hired him. He was a pretty boy from Jersey City–no other redeeming qualities. The drag show reached its inevitable conclusion, leaving me wanting another cocktail.
One hour into brunch and still no food present. Marcus passed out on his empty plate. Perhaps, he wanted to stuff his face—literally? Security circled our table like he protected the president. He tapped Marcus on the shoulder to see if he was still alive.
“What, I’m a bad bitch.”
“Yo, you okay? You got to get up.”
“Oohs and ahhs 5’9 thick in the thighs,” Marcus rapped to the security guard.
He was dumbfounded and walked away from the table and returned with the waitress with a glass a water.
“Drink this, or I’m kicking your ass out.”
Marcus placed his lips around the rim of the glass while dipping his tongue in the water. It was all so innocent, a mere boy seeking attention. Except this boy was a grown ass man.
He wore red sunglasses and a matching fitted cap to hide his bald spot. But, we all knew that he was balding faster than the Rogaine could handle. It caused him to act out violently in public. Perhaps, he acted like a child to reduce some years. Sadly, it only made everyone more annoyed.
The food finally arrived and it was average at best. Most of the orders were scrambled like the eggs I wanted. Instead, I received them sunny-side up. 

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